Epson L3110 - All Light Blinking Problem

If your Epson L3110 Eco Tank Multifunction Printer Power Button Greenlight and two red lights are blinking together like the above picture and you're trying to find the solution online, you are in the right place. This post will help you fix this issue. So, follow this post till the end.

Before this, I want to inform you that if your printer shows Service Required message when you print, you will get its solution here by clicking here.

If you are giving print from the computer, the print is coming out. Still, photocopy can't work, and blinking red and green light together is not a software problem, and it's the hardware problem that won't be fixed by resetter (Epson Adjustment Program) software.

And to be better and more, you can go to the status monitor of the Epson printer and see whether it is showing ready or not. If shown in the picture below, you will be 100% sure that this is your scanner unit problem and not a software problem.

Epson L3110 - Printer is ready to print

How to fix the Epson L3110 all light blinking problem

This problem comes when the scanner unit stops working in the printer. Mainly have two reasons behind this stop working. The first is due to the dust freezing in your scanner; another is the fault of the scanner cable. 

We are providing a video below; by watching that, you will clean the accumulated dust easily. But if this does not solve your problem, you should contact your local Epson service center or dial Epson Toll-Free Number.

Final Word

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